Junior Varsity Cheer, Varsity Cheer · Casteel High School Cheer Tryouts

     The cheer season can finally start. With Covid restrictions pushing back cheer tryouts multiple times, at last it was safe enough to have tryouts. They were held the week of August 17-21 and according to the head Ashley Davis, “Tryouts ran very smoothly” this year. Coach Davis also said that, “The coaches and the athletes were ready to get back into the gym and get down to work.” This could not be more true, all the athletes trying out were beyond excited to get back to doing what they love. 

     Tryouts began Monday, August 17th. The athletes would come in every day that week from 2:45pm – 5:00pm to work on learning new cheers, dances, tumbling, jumps, etc. and prepare for their final evaluation on Friday. On Friday there was a final evaluation where you were scored by a panel of judges. Three to four athletes will enter the gym and show off all their skills and knowledge of everything they learned that week. “Our judges are given a rubric broken down into 5 categories plus extra points, jumps, cheer, dance, band dance, performance energy and extra points for tumbling” Coach Davis stated. Not only are you judged on how well you know and can do all these categories, but you’re also judged on your technique and performance. Each category adds up to a total of 100 points possible on the score sheet. 

     When entering tryouts the most important thing to have is the “wow factor,” as coach Davis calls it. As much as skills are important, having good energy and performance presence is really what they look for at tryouts. Coach Davis believes,”It’s not something you can teach easily and not everyone has it.” Despite all the changes and restrictions tryouts went really well this year and the coaches and athletes could not be more excited to be back in the gym to start a new season.