Boys Varsity Cross Country, Girls Varsity Cross Country · 2020 XC Practices

Last week, Casteel Cross Country practice officially started. Before this there were some athletes on the team that have been training for almost 20 weeks, and some even more. The team loves meeting for practice with everyone. This year is a weird year though, because of COVID-19 there are few things that the team has to follow to be able practice. The team members have to fill out a form that asks us some questions regarding if we have a fever, sore throat, etc. We obviously have to social distance and wear masks occasionally because if you run with a mask on there is a risk of dying. You could lose airflow and it would be very hard for you to breathe leading you to pass out. This year is definitely a different year for XC as well as all other sports. We will overcome this difficulty and get it done like us Casteel Colts do!

So far practices have been very good here’s a little message from our head coach, Whitney Lemieux; “This week was just what we needed. After what seemed like the LONGEST SUMMER EVER we got to come together as a team and get back to work with a purpose. It made my day to see the light and excitement in everyone’s eyes on Thursday when we stepped on the track for the first time since March. It was such a fun thing to see and watch. I’m excited to see the team continue to grow and become stronger together. I’ve been very impressed with the upperclassman leading the way and continually encouraging our underclassman to be their best. I know as we continue to be the good and off the course we will do great things. Go Colts XC!”. The team is also excited to come back and practice. So far the practices have been pretty demanding, but that hasn’t stopped the cross country athletes from seeing the gains they’re making. Sydnee Elliot, a junior on the team, feels that the team has “been improving and (their) paces during workouts have been faster than last year”.

But Covid has interrupted the team’s normal training and bonding cycle. “I wish I could find a way to reach out and connect to the younger kids a little more so we can start bonding more as a team”, says Sydnee. This year is going to be wild, but the team is definitely ready for the ride!