Colts News · The Woman Behind All of the Athletics

By Adelynn White

Everyone knows Casteel’s Athletic Director, Mr. Ridenour. His job is seen as a very integral role in all of our athletic programs. However, there is someone else who works just as hard, but doesn’t receive as much credit: Mrs. Pugh, the Assistant to the Athletic Director.

Mrs. Pugh’s journey as the Athletic Secretary began three years ago when the previous Athletic Secretary left. When asked to fulfill the role, she thought that the idea of her in this position was insane. Being an Athletic Secretary can be hard, due to all of the craziness that each day brings.

Yet, now she says, “ I realized how much I enjoyed all the craziness that the role provides.”  

It is hard to define what Mrs. Pugh does everyday, for being the Athletic Secretary means that everyday is different from the last. However, the main role of her job is to make sure everyone and everything is running smoothly. Whether that means assisting the Athletic Director or helping out the athletes and coaches, she is always there to make sure both the high school and junior high teams are prepared.

Elizabeth Krohmer, the Assistant Women’s Volleyball Coach, said “She is quick to take initiative on any item or task she sees a need. And she’s phenomenal at spotting those needs.”

Mrs. Pugh wants every coach and athlete to feel like they have every possible opportunity to be successful, no matter the lengths that it may take.

Mrs. Pugh dedicates a large amount of her personal time to the athletics programs. Being the Athletic Secretary requires a lot of commitment. She will do anything and everything in order to create the best environment for the players and coaches. 

“Clocking out is merely a formality for Mrs. Pugh,” said Coach Krohmer.

Whether it is staying late to get work finished or putting in overtime to help run the games, you will always see Mrs. Pugh busy until she gets the job done. With such a heavy workload, you can imagine that she can feel easily  stressed. While some times are better than others, the happiness it brings those she serves makes it all worth it.

It could be as easy as watching a team win. That is all it takes for Mrs. Pugh to feel like she has succeeded. Yet, that is not the only reason she loves her job. Every athlete has their own goals and challenges that she gets to help out with. “I’ve been able to watch many of our athletes sign to play at the college level, but I’ve also been able to watch athletes and coaches reach their own personal level of success” she stated. Mrs. Pugh gets to watch every athlete closer than anyone else.  Every little goal met for all of these athletes and coaches is a big victory for Mrs. Pugh.

Mrs. Pugh added, “I’ve been able to watch many of our athletes sign to play at the college level, but I’ve also been able to watch athletes and coaches reach their own personal level of success.”

It means a lot to have someone as passionate and hardworking as Mrs. Pugh. Whether anyone realizes it or not, Casteel Athletics could never run as smoothly as they do without her. As Casteel makes the big transition into 6A Sports, there’s no doubt that Mrs. Pugh will make it all run smoothly.

Photo Credit to Arianna Grainey