Colts News · Casteel Pom at State

In the past, the Casteel Pom team has won two state championships, in a total of 5 competitive years. With all this success, the team has been placed in the hardest, largest division: Division 1. Pom is one of three total teams on Casteel’s campus to compete at this level (Pom, football, and men’s golf). This division brings many challenges and difficulties for these teams. 

However, at the Pom team’s state qualifiers, the team placed second in the pom category, and third in the jazz category. Placing so high was not only a huge accomplishment for the girls on the team, but is very impressive for a 5a school to compete, and excel, at a higher division. 

On March 6, the team competed at the AIA State competition, at Poston Butte High School. The girls performed at their best and worked very hard to push their limits. The team hit each a la seconde clean and uniform and brought energy and performance to the floor. This was the first time Pom was allowed to compete without masks. 

In the end, the team placed third again for the jazz category, and sixth for the pom category. Although the girls performed beautifully, other 6a schools have a larger selection of dancers to choose from and surpassed Casteel. 

As the team prepares to compete in Orlando, Florida, these athletes hope for the best and are still training hard each and every practice.