Colts Vision & Mission

Casteel Colts Athletic Department Vision/Mission


Establish and maintain a CHAMPIONSHIP CULTURE maximizing the potential of EVERY student-Athlete to excel in Competition, Classroom and Community.



  • Be intentional about living a CULTURE OF CHARACTER in which every student-athlete is accountable to a higher standard, and held responsible by ALL coaches in ALL Programs!
  • Develop the WHOLE student-athlete: mentally, physical, socially, spiritually and emotionally.
  • Develop an environment that attracts high-end student athletes and foster a youth program that continually replenishes our system. Casteel will be known as the SCHOOL OF CHOICE for premier student-athletes.
  • Cultivate the two F’s- Finances and Facilities.
  • Be A Champion- Competition, Classroom, Community


Non-Negotiables as a Colt:

C haracter– Every level, of every program will have a documented CHARACTER PROGRAM.

A cademic– Each program will have an ACADEMIC PLAN with outcome goals and supporting                                                 data.

S upport– We will SUPPORT each other’s athletes and programs

T raining– Each program will encourage participation in a Strength TRAINING Program.

  • 3 days per week
  • Every student must dress out in matching attire

E ncourage– We will ENCOURAGE and support multi-sport athletes

E xcellence– We will WIN in all aspects of our programs

L ive– To Be A Champion!!